Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Gobbler Season: 9 Days and Counting

Alright Turkey hunters, this is it, the time of year we've all waited for, just 9 days from today the season will open up and we can start chasing them Toms again.

How will you spend your time?

Lots of hunters will continue scouting, and maybe even increase their scouting so that they can target specific birds on specific roosts. There's nothing wrong with that, in fact if you are really careful you can pattern the bird fairly accurately.

Me personally, I like to back off the final two weeks before any season opens, but particularly the spring turkey season. I have a rather tight hunting area, with limited spots where I can set up and have a real shot at success. So if I bust turkeys out of even one spot in the pre-season, well that's putting a serious damper on my odds.

Plus, whether or not you are still scouting, I would lay off the calls, and let your optics do the scouting. Turkey's visual acuity, is only rivalled by their hearing. Once in season, the name of the game is calling that bird to you, so you're calling is the "voice" of another turkey. If the turkeys you hunt constantly hear that "voice," but never see that turkey, I think they'll be less inclined to come to that "voice" once the season begins.

Now that's not to say that you shouldn't be perfecting your calling at home. Watch some turkey hunting DVDs, listen to turkey sounds on the Internet. Mimic the sounds you hear, and sharpen up your calling.

I find it relaxing to pack up my gear, and doing it a week or so before the season gives you plenty of time to discover what is lost or damaged, and replace it. If you are going to any kind of turkey camp, now's a good time to make a list and start shopping for that excursion.

Finally, if you have kept a journal of previous years, blow the dust off of it, and see what last minute lessons you can glean from those pages. Get out that photo album, and relive a couple of your successful hunts. Nothing will get you more in the spirit, then thinking about the ones your brought home, or the ones that got away.

Happy Hunting
Scott M

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