Thursday, February 7, 2013

Erie RV Show

Officially now called the Erie RV, Camping and Powersports Spectacular opens today at the Erie Bayfront Convention Center and will run through Sunday.

This is my favorite show of the convention season.  All the area dealers are there to represent whatever the RV industry has in store for the 2013 season.  And let me tell you the tastes vary widely.  This show will have models open to walk through of every kind of camper you can imagine.  From traditional pop-ups to the newest micro tow behinds, all the way to the massive six figure motor coaches, and even park models.

It's the accessibility that makes this show my favorite.  All the models are open for you to walk through, sit on the chairs, look in the closets, or open the cabinets.  This convention is a one stop shop to find out what the camper industry has to offer, and where your tastes lie.  The show is also useful if you're trying to learn the pricing for the RV market.  Perhaps you were thinking used, but could in fact afford a new model.

The other part of the show that makes it so worthwhile is the station after station of campgrounds that are represented.  Each one has a handy brochure so you can learn about their campsite, and each station is staffed by either the owners of or people who work at the campsite, so no question goes unanswered.  This is a tremendous way for you to discover new places to visit. 

In addition to the campsites represented there will be other organizations there to promote their own cause.  PA Route 6” is one such organization that I didn’t know existed until I visited their booth 2 years ago.  Their goal is to promote tourism across historic US Rt 6, which crosses the northern tier of PA.  Their brochure is filled with towns to visits, with interesting restaurants and interesting historic spots to visit.

New for this year, and of particular personal interest, is the motorcycle pavilion.  This is a fantastic addition to the convention.  While Erie has a tremendous motorcycling population, we still do not have a show where new models can be showcased under one roof.  While motorcycles could have easily been added to the auto show, I think they fit perfectly at the RV show, because many motorcycle dealers also sell 4 wheelers, and snowmobiles, so they have been coming to the RV show for years.

Weather is a toss-up, but after all this is February in Erie.

Happy Exploring
Scott M

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