Thursday, February 14, 2013


The new day dawns to new opportunity.  It is only after we quit, when the opportunity to make things better, truly ends.

I've posted about sunrises before (I'm a sucker for a sunrise), but today's really struck me.  Coming out of the side door of my house; Coffee, lunch, a 2 year old tripping over his blankie, and a 7 year old dropping his backpack, all in tow. I looked up to see this sunrise dawning over my neighbors house and realized that each day is an opportunity to make things better. 

Now I tend to be snarky and sarcastic in my daily life, but deep down I know we all need to press on and fight through our struggles, and finding that motivation can be difficult.  It's easier to throw your hands up and quit.

This applies to everything.

If you're a parent: These thoughts need no explanation.

If you're an outdoorsman: We all know it's easy to throw in the towel, instead of sticking it out with that stubborn Tom.  The fish aren't always feeding, so casting away to endless hours on a stream isn't necessarily the most delightful thought.

If you're a spouse:  Well many times we do throw up our hands and quit.  I'm not going to sit here and tell you how to live your life, but I will say this: have the fight you need to have, because once you've said your piece, the relationship will be stronger, or will be gone.  Either way you can step forward into the new day ready to embrace the opportunity.

Hold the one's you love today.  Be willing to fight for the people who are willing to fight for you. Embrace each opportunity as they present themselves.

Happy Valentine's Day
Scott M

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