Friday, December 14, 2012

Clouds and Sun

Epic Skies:  While it has become cliche to throw the word "epic" around, anyone who has gotten away from it all and has been able to see an unobstructed view of clouds stretching off to the horizon, would have to agree that "epic" fits.  This photo is probably my favorite picture out of my new camera.  There's enough sun to start to over expose the sky, and cause the ground to black out, but the sun doesn't dominate the shot.  I think the clouds take over here.  The sun back lights the clouds and highlights the tops.  Then shadows on the bottom of the clouds create the depth.  Finally, the sun creates enough of a focal point that by the time you focus your eyes on the clouds you realize they stretch for miles off into the horizon. 

Just minutes before taking the above shot I had captured this shot, about a half mile down the road.

Here I centered an old oak and used the clouds in the back to contrast the leaves on the tree.  This oak watches over a 19th century family cemetery.  A simple wire, and stake fence outline the boarder of the cemetery.  There are several weather worn tombstones that mark, maybe half the graves.  The other half of the tombstones are lost to time.  Since this tree is inside the cemetery it has survived the chainsaw, allowing it's canopy to stretch to such a massive size.

Happy Exploring
Scott M

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