Monday, December 17, 2012

From the Driver's Seat

So as a couple with careers and young children my wife and I, are bound to have some times when one or the other, needs to be with the kids in order for the other one to get stuff done.  That happened this past Sunday.  My wife was coming off 3rd shift and needed to sleep during the day.  The oldest was out with his grandpa, so it was me and our youngest, Aiden.  He's 2 1/2, and independent beyond those few years.  However, I still can't take him deep into the woods, or too far up an unfamiliar stream.  So what's an outdoor explorer to do?  Get out the new camera and the telephoto lens, and hop into the Jeep. 

After a short drive I found myself on a country road I had been down a 100 times before, but apparently not this late in the year.  The above pic is what I believe to be a Holly Leaf Redberry Bush.  Being mid December the leaves were all long gone, so I was only left with the berries and the stems to identify the plant, so I'm not 100% sure on that name.  The above pic was taken from the driver's seat.  God Bless Telephoto lenses!!

What I really love about these pics is what I also really love about living in northwest PA.  Being this far north, we experience true change in the angle of the sun.  This picture was shortly after noon, but look at how the shadows reaches out in the right of the frame.  That is just how low the sun is at mid day here during December.

Here's another one.  Classically posed, just draping over the old split rail fence.  Again the long mid winter light illuminating the berries and causing shadows to reach out of the frame.

And again, just a classic shot.  Split rail fence, barn in the background, long mid winter light.  On a sunny day in December, I could put 200 miles on my Jeep looking at these shots.  And thankfully Aiden is a great passenger.

I did let him run off a little energy. You simply can't keep a 2 year old in a car for that long.  Least of all Aiden.  So we headed over to Presque Isle.  If you've never heard of Presque Isle, please take the time to look it up. If you're within couple hour drive, please please come and visit.  Presque Isle is a true gem in PA's State Park system. 

At the east end of the peninsula there stands a monument to Oliver Perry, and the Battle of Lake Erie, fought during the war of 1812.  History buffs will tell you the significance of the war of 1812, and the role the Battle of Lake Erie played in that war.  Since Aiden had no interest in hearing about that (what 2 year old would) we simply ran around and explored the sites and sounds.

I couldn't have posed him better.  I was looking at the bay, and he simply walked over to the cement wall, knelt down and peaked over the edge.  Shots like this make the investment I made in my camera, 100% worth it. 

Happy Exploring
Scott M

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