Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family and Friends

Maybe it's the holidays. Maybe we all have to go through this from time to time, but does anything bring out as much emotion as gathering together with family and friends?  I'm reminded though, that this is the point of holidays.  We gather those around us that we want a connection with. 

We gather around old friends, over drinks or sport.  We ask questions of each other to fill in what we do not know.  In reality we just want their company.  We gather them to us, to remind us of where we have been.  We gather among them for hope of future adventures together.

We gather around family, over dinner in familiar homes.  We look to the aged for wisdom, and to remind us of times we gathered the knowledge we will use in our lives, from them.  We look to the young, to remind us that our time is fleeting.  As quickly as our generation's time will come upon this earth, it will be removed. 

And that's the cycle of it all. 

This isn't something I find troublesome.  This is something I use to remind me that I am human.  An animal no different than those that make their homes in the woods.  My time is fleeting, and should not be wasted on petty things. 

My time should be used to raise my boys to be great  men.  My time should be used to take in Mother Nature, because that is the true magic of being human.  Our consciousness.  Perhaps other animals have conscious thought, but that is nothing more than conjecture.  Reality is we know that we have conscious thought, so it is an assault against nature to not use that conscious thought.  We should know that our time is fleeting.  We should use that to our benefit.  Soak in what Mother Nature has to offer.  Be happy when you are freezing cold, because some day you will not be. 

The holidays remind us of time passing.  An endless cycle of nature all around us.  The holidays are a reminder to love those you gather around, and those that chose to gather around you.

Happy Holidays
Scott M

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