Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let it Snow

As Winter Storm "Draco" bears down on us (apparently we're naming winter storms too, if you hadn't heard) I find myself so excited.  It's mid winter after all, and on the shores of Lake Erie, we should have snow.  In fact we should have been getting snow for 3 weeks by now.  2011-12 was a fluke and a I refuse to believe otherwise. 

So here's a shot of what the woods should look like.

I love the woods in winter.  I see the woods so often in summer with leaves and bushes.  Once everything's on the ground the woods become a whole different world.  One late season muzzleloader hunt I found myself turned around, and found an amazing scrape.  This mud-hole had been worked over by several bucks during the season.  Of course wanting to hunt that area in the future I immediately starting looking for landmarks.  None were to be found.  So I worked a couple loops around the area, making sure to not lose this new honey hole.  On the third loop I ran into the main trail for this piece of woods.  Shocked at how close I was I continued to loop back to the scrape.  Sure enough this entire time I was within 50 yards of the main trail.  A trail I had walked 100's of times in my life.  How did I not realize how close I was to the trail? 

It's the winter woods.  The woods really are a different world. 

Happy Exploring
Scott M

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